Lead Characters
Charlie – Beretta James
Danny – Chocolate Chip

Supporting Characters
Hanna – Lyric Seal
Morrie – Mr. Pink
Jack – Johnny Rawkit
The Man – Ned Would
Kat – Nerine Mechanique
The Boss – Jackie Strano
Carolyn – Dr. Carol Queen
Jen – Verta
Honey – Honey Foxxx
Oz – Ozrael
Top Cop – Mahasin Munir
Detective – Emma Claire
Forensic – Cinnamon Maxxine
Officer  – Lea Robinson
Old Man – Ham Hawk
Clerk – StormMiguel
Will – Q
Jacob – Carolyn Wysinger
Young Man – Devon Wipp
Barista – Jiz Lee

Gallery Patrons (extras)
Bridget Sparks
C.A. Greenlee
Chris Lowrance
Devon Wipp
Kitty Sassafrass
Lordes Rivas
Mehera Nori
Mel B
Niki Khanna
Sal Marquez
Sandra Miller
Simone Renee
Taylor J. Hodges
Tony Ricardi
Un Jung Lim
ViVi Marie

Play Party Orgy (extras)
Devon Wipp
Gloria Devine
Sal Marquez
ViVi Marie
Cameron Airen
Treina Alexander

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